Environment & Sustainability

Sailing in Utrecht strives to be increasingly sustainable

Nowadays, sustainability within our environment is unimaginable. We too believe it is important for everyone to do their part.

  • We serve Earth Water on board, which has allowed us to completely replace plastic PET bottles ( one of the biggest surface water polluters ). Within our assortment you will find this Dutch mineral water in innovative cardboard packaging. The packaging is made from 100% renewable resources and is the most sustainable packaging. Proceeds from the sale fund various water projects.
  • In our office, the toilets are equipped with water-saving toilet cisterns. The user can pause the flush button and determine how much water is needed to flush properly. This water stop saves an average of 50% water.
  • We strive to work digitally as much as possible and print out as little as possible. Our records are now 90% digitized. We ask that our customers prefer to have the reservation confirmation available digitally (smartphone) on the sailing day.
  • With us on board you drink from a glass, this has allowed us to replace the plastic cups.
  • We continued to start greening our fleet. We have now replaced the first diesel-powered tour boat with a new electric-powered tour boat. We are also exploring the possibility of having only the engines replaced and a battery pack installed for a number of boats to further save the environment.
  • We launched a study to run our passenger vessels on blue diesel. Blue diesel is made from waste vegetable oils, which are renewable resources. A nice development and between solution we find ourselves. The use of blue diesel reduces waste, is biodegradable, low-emission, fossil-free and CO2 neutral.
  • We work with local businesses. Think of a pastry from the Utrecht pastry shop Theo Blom or Bakkerij Wammes, a wine from the local winery and snacks from our caterer and also neighbor on the Oudegracht.