FAQ Sailing in Utrecht

Can we cancel in case of bad weather?
You can cancel on the sailing day itself, free of charge only in case of storm combined with prolonged heavy rainfall. In all other cases, we just sail. The Terms and Conditions on the Rates page apply to all our boat tours.

What if it rains on the sailing date?
We sail open boats that can be completely roofed over in case of rain. The sides can be zipped up with windows. So in the event of a heavy shower, we can simply sail on.

Can the hood come off while sailing?
Yes, when it gets dry,in consultation with the skipper, the hood can be folded back in. After all, “open” sailing is what we like best anyway. Due to the low headroom (1.90 meters) on the canals, headroom under the canopy and views are also somewhat limited.

When will the hood be installed?
We mount the hood only when a lot of prolonged rain is expected and by special request. In bridal events, we are more likely to place the hood.

Is music allowed to be played on board?
No, unfortunately amplified music may not be played. The municipality decided to do so because there was too much inconvenience to local residents. After all, sound carries far across the water. However, acoustic singing or, for example, guitar playing is allowed.

Where do the sloops depart from?
We will depart from the heart of the city center from the Oudegracht (Tolsteegzijde) at No. 175 by the Gaardbrug. See the map and directions on the page Shipping jetty

Can we take more than 12 people on 1 sloop?
Yes you can! However, the sloop must be officially inspected by the Shipping Inspectorate and an operating license must have been issued by the Municipality of Utrecht. Varen in Utrecht.nl holds 4 operating licenses. All our sloops are inspected by the Shipping Inspectorate. The largest sloop can accommodate 42 people. For more participants, we divide the group among several sloops.

Can we sail for less than 1 ½ hours?
Yes, that is possible. In that case, inquire about the rates, there is a minimum rate depending on the group size. If you are only sailing for 1 hour, be sure to arrive 5 minutes before start time. For a tour of Utrecht, we really need the full hour.

Can we bring our own snacks and drinks on board?
Only during the drinks and tapas tour we will arrange drinks and snacks for you. On the other cruises, you may bring your own snacks and drinks on board. We don’t charge anything extra for that. We do expect you to take all trash back off board and not leave it in the yards.

Can you provide snacks and drinks?
Yes, you can. We bring the drinks on board chilled and charge a flat rate of €8.50 per person per hour. (beer, wine, rosé, soft drinks) Cold appetizers (cheese, sausage, olives, nuts) cost € 5.75 p.p., hot appetizers € 5.75 p.p., luxury appetizers cost € 9.00 p.p., coffee/tea arr € 4.00 p.p., and lunch from € 13.50 p.p., see our page“Catering rates“.

Is the beverage package unlimited?
No, we charge an average of 2 1/2 drinks per person per hour. Some drink a little more, others a little less. There is plenty of everything, so you can just have a nice drink. The package only applies during the cruise. You cannot take leftovers with you after the trip.

Do we pay for the entire contents of the cooler?
No, you pay an average number of drinks calculated according to the total sailing time. It’s a package deal which means we bring more drinks on board in total so everyone has plenty of drinks and choice.

Can I have only beer or wine instead of soda?
We can, however, if you indicate in advance, bring more or less of a particular type of beverage on board. However, it remains an arrangement. There is no intention of getting drunk on board. We like to keep it cozy on board.

Can we combine the tour with another activity?
Yes, we offer packages and also check out our events page.