General Terms and Conditions

Number of persons
You can provide the number of persons/participants up to 10 days before the sailing date. Small changes of up to 10% of the number known to us can be communicated to us up to 3 days before the sailing date. This number is binding as a minimum for the final invoice.

Deployment of sloops

We reserve the right to make our own layout of the sloops. We take into account you group size and the requests that come to us. All our sloops can be roofed in case of rain.

Varen in cannot be held liable for personal injury or damage of any kind, regardless of the cause, prior to, during or as a result of the cruise. Exception to this is the legal obligation to pay damages due to demonstrable intent or gross negligence by Varen in Statutory compensation is limited to no more than the boat rental for the cruise in question. Children are the responsibility of parents.

The boat rental must be paid no later than 10 days before the sailing date, by transfer to our ING account. If you come with fewer participants and you have given us timely notice, we will return the amount to your account. You can email us this changed number of people up to 3 days before the sailing date. On this basis, the final amount will be calculated.The boat rental must be paid before departure, by transfer to our bank account.

Price Changes
Price changes occurring between the time the agreement is concluded and the time it is executed shall not affect the agreed price.

The client may cancel the order confirmation by written and dated notice to Varen in If you cancel more than 1 month before the sailing date you will owe 25% of the total boat rental, within 1 month 50%. If you cancel within 14 days before the sailing day you will owe the full boat rental. No cancellation fee is payable in the event of very adverse weather conditions, which is defined as storm combined with prolonged heavy rainfall. By mutual agreement, we can then set a new date.

During the cruise, the skipper reserves the right to interrupt the cruise and or deviate from the discussed route if, in his judgment, irresponsible/unsafe situations occur or are not acted upon in accordance with the conditions. The use of confetti, fireworks, rice, etc. is not allowed on board. No trash should be thrown overboard.

Alcohol on board
Persons under the influence of alcohol at the start of the tour will be denied access to the boat. In case of misbehavior, whether caused by alcohol consumption or not, the skipper has the right to interrupt or immediately terminate the tour, without refund of boat rental or cost of an on-board package. The rules of conduct on the water of the Municipality of Utrecht apply to all our trips. Wild urination is strictly prohibited. Without further warning, the tour will be terminated immediately.

General conditions – K.v.K. Utrecht No: 30185121

See also the rules of conduct (PDF) of the joint shipping companies.